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It’s Sweater Weather – No Need to Work on that Beach Bod for Another 8 Months!

Hello, My Friends!

I hope the summer treated you well. It was crazy as ever around Casa de Summers. With the kiddos off school, a trip up to the Yukon (pics at the bottom), and an emergency appendectomy for our son, keeping up with work was tricky. (And by tricky, I mean effing impossible).

But with September here, it means long, luxurious days at my desk. Aaahhh…

Now, onto the book news, of which there is plenty!

The countdown is ON…


You met Pierce Davenport’s little brother Leopold in Whisked Away. When we left off, he had just been banished from Avonia by his father, Lord Alistair Davenport. Now Leo’s about to meet his match in Bree Lewis – his no-nonsense, ‘your charm won’t work on me’ boss at the Paradise Bay Resort…

PREORDER NOW FOR ONLY $2.99 (The price goes up to $4.99 after the launch)


Giveaway News!


First off, congratulations to Ms. Lauren Bourdages, the big winner of the Summer Reading Challenge! She received the fab books in the picture to the right for completing the challenge. 

It’s SUPER easy. Click on the cover of The Honeymooner and that will take you to the giveaway page on Amazon. 🙂 And…you’ll be entered!

G+ TH preorder-page-001

TRT July Cover

Or do both! Same instructions as above, except this time, click on the cover of The Royal Treatment.

Good luck!

Recommended Reads Time!


The fabulous Christina Hovland has a super fun new book out – Take It Off the Menu!

Saying “I Do” has never been such a mess.

Hunky Caterer meets jilted bride in this accidental marriage romcom treat.

Click on the pic to snag your copy now. 🙂

A Few Photos of our trip to the Yukon…


In case you’re curious – the first pic is an enormous woolly mammoth skeleton that was unearthed by some gold miners. Next to that is a hotel in Dawson City, which is a town of 1000 people that feels like stepping back in time. No paved roads, the sidewalks are wooden, and the buildings look a lot like this one.

On the second line is Five Finger Rapids, and next to that is one of my daughters holding up a crazy big cinnamon bun that my aunt bought her. Seriously. It weighed like three pounds, I swear.

Okay, that’s it for me today! I wish you a terrific week, happy reading, and much happiness,


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