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What Happens When you Strand a Headstrong STEM researcher with a Cynical (But Hot) Billionaire in the Jungle?

Hello my friends!

Today is the big launch of The Space Between Us! It's book 1 of my brand spanking new Brainiacs in Love series... and I'm in love. I've got all the symptoms: I can't sleep, I can't eat, this book is all I can think about. (Well, let's be honest, I can eat).

I wanted to answer a question a reader asked me recently: Why a STEM Romance?

Well, here's the truth: I was considering writing a hockey romance (cause they're all the rage these days), but the thing is, I don't like hockey (but let's just keep that between us because that kind of thing can get you kicked right out of Canada). It's noisy, cold, and smelly. Like really freaking stinky. Have you been in a dressing room in any hockey rink ever? Yeah, not a scent you forget. So, last fall, I'm scratching my head wondering if there's a way to make myself like hockey (turns out there isn't) when all of a sudden, this question popped into my mind: What do you like?

I like science. Love it, in fact. I'm a big nerd at heart. Can't get enough of learning about animals, plants, weather, space, the ocean, human anatomy, Grey's Anatomy, and all things sciency. I love it enough that I got a bachelor's degree in it way back when I didn't know about the horrors of cellulite. And that thought was enough to get me started on this series, set at a SETI research facility. (If you're not familiar, SETI stands for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.)

Umm, that's weird. Mel. Why SETI?

I'm glad you asked. Let me grab my soapbox. I'll be right back...Because the folks that do this work are the GOATs of both optimism and perseverance. They know full well that the chances we'll make contact in our lifetime is almost 0%, and yet they show up every day, hoping. And I'm sorry, but if there's anything this work needs right now, it's hope. Optimism. The belief that we can work hard and do what seems impossible.

But there is one man who wholeheartedly disagrees with me about all of this. Ty Sterling. Cynical Billionaire and hero of our story. He's convinced SETI is insane, and not only that, he's totally pissed that his business partner, Dick Napper (Remember Dick from Beach Please?), gave them funding in the first place. His goal is to shut the program down ASAP.

Enter Gwendolyn Fox, SETI researcher, professional arguer, and hater of Ty Sterling. No way in hell is Gwen going down without a fight.

Things are about to get interesting, people!

Happy reading!



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