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A Hollywood Ending is Ready for You!

It's Party Time! (And by that I mean it's time to curl up with a brand new SPICY book!)


When life hands you heartbreak, grab a sexy bodyguard…

America’s sweetheart Courtney Bennett had it all - fame, fortune, and a doting husband in one of Hollywood's most powerful men. But when he trades her in for a younger actress, Courtney's world topples down around her.

With paparazzi on her tail and nowhere to turn, she hides away in a secluded cabin in Colorado with her new (and deliciously hot) bodyguard, Damien Young.

As Courtney strives to rebuild her shattered heart, she finds herself drawn to Damien, the man determined to get her back on her feet again.

But as a man of honor, Damien won't take advantage of a woman in such a vulnerable state, no matter how undeniable their chemistry is.

A Hollywood Ending is a sizzling, opposites-attract romance. It’s much spicier than a regular Melanie Summers rom-com so you may want to grab a fan (or maybe a glass of cold milk).

What Readers Are Saying About Courtney and Damien...

"...great chemistry & the book got steamier toward the end. Damien is definitely a great book boyfriend to swoon about." ~ Jane in SD, Bookstagram

"Courtney and Damien may be my new favorite couple." ~ GettingLostinaGoodBook, Bookstagram

"This one was just so much fun... a must-read for me. Courtney was such a doll and I loved her personal journey. Damien was everything you want in a hero. A great combination of spice, cute romance, and humor." Novel Gossip, Bookstagram

"This is a light spice, opposites attract forbidden bodyguard romance. Great characters that you fall in love with. I really liked how the author built up the relationship between the two main characters. I was rooting for their happy ending through the whole book." ~ Jennifer M., Booksprout

“I absolutely loved Courtney and Damien's story. It's steamy, witty, and both Courtney and Damien are very likable.”

"This one is fantastic! Well written, uplifting, inspiring, and, well, very, very spicy!” ~ Raquel M., Booksprout

“I adored Courtney and Damien. As individuals. As a couple. No matter how hard they fought the pull, they were just adorable together. As much as I hated to see the pain she endured, I loved watching Damien lift Courtney back up and encourage her to keep going, keep fighting to recover everything her soon-to-be-ex was trying to take from her. (Her revenge moment is a thing of utter perfection.) I had so much fun getting to know these characters, I’m not really ready to let go of them yet.” ~ Kristen L, Booksprout

Love Love Love Courtney and Damien!

Courtney's whole world has been turned upside down. Her husband is cheating on her and the people she thought were on her side stabbed her in the back. She wakes up in a strange guys room not knowing where she is or how she got there. Damien was hired to be Courtney's bodyguard while she's in Colorado. He thought he was protecting a pampered princess but quickly realizes that Courtney is in need of someone to help her realize just how wonderful she really is. I absolutely loved Courtney and Damien's story. It's steamy, witty, and both Courtney and Damien are very likable.” ~ Alreadycrzy, Booksprout

"This contemporary rom-com is page-turning with exceptional world-building and characters that are realistic and intriguing. Their journey is enthralling as they embark upon a Hollywood ending, an explicit romance that is consumed by steamy passion, lust, desire, and spice that brings all the feelings, opposites attract, a celebrity, a bodyguard, forced proximity, stranded alone together, feel good, heartwarming, humor, good guy hero, scandal, drama, heartfelt emotions, adventure, and more. I recommend reading this book by an extraordinary author who knows how to captivate her reader's hearts and attention with a Hollywood ending and an explicit romance that is sure to have readers begging for more." ~ Cateyes83, Booksprout

"Loved everything about this story!! This was an amazing experience!! I felt transported right into this story and I don’t mind admitting that I didn’t want to see it end!! Ohhh and the steam factor!!!! The chemistry was so good between these characters! Definitely a different kind of story than I’m used from Melanie but it was absolutely brilliant and way beyond five stars!!! A must read!!" ~ Marie E, Booksprout

I hope you're having a wonderful week!

Thanks so much for being part of my writing life. I appreciate you.



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