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Beach Please (Paradise Bay Book 6) is NOW Out!

Hello, You!

Happy Friday! I hope you have a weekend of reading and relaxing ahead of you. I'm going to be doing my best not to check on my Amazon rank every ten minutes this weekend. This book-launching business is completely nerve-wracking, even after nearly a decade of doing it.

Anyway, Beach Please is all yours, complete with fun graphics, maps, and whatnot. You'll also get to see the cover for Pierce Davenport's latest book. Yay! Pierce from Whisked Away is back!

Here's a little about the book...

A hilarious and heartwarming story that’ll have you snort-laughing, swooning, and sighing with happiness…

Lola Gordon's dreams of a thriving surf shop were shattered when her ex vanished with all the money in their business account, leaving her on the brink of losing everything. With the bank set to auction off her beloved shop and its contents in just six weeks, Lola is desperate to find a solution.

When news of an exciting treasure hunt sweeps through the island, Lola sees it as her last chance to reclaim her surf shop and rebuild her life. There's just one obstacle standing in her way: she needs a boat.

Enter Aidan Clarke, a disillusioned Canadian expat seeking solace in the tranquil shores of Paradise Bay. Having recently discovered his fiancée's infidelity with his brother, Aidan wants to be alone. So when his parents decide to visit and hunt for a house near his seaside cottage, Aidan realizes he must create an illusion of happiness.

He proposes a deal to Lola: he'll provide the boat she needs if she agrees to pose as his live-in girlfriend.

As Lola and Aidan set sail on their adventure, the lines between fiction and reality blur, and their fake affection starts to feel all too genuine.

Join Lola and Aidan as their dreams are tested, their hearts are mended, and a sun-kissed romance awaits…

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