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The Real Locations from Breaking Clear

Hi All,

I’m back with my third installment of “The Real Locations of the Full Hearts Series” – Breaking Clear edition.

Today, we’re heading to beautiful, Boulder, Colorado, considered one of the healthiest places in the USA to live. Boulder has a terrific climate for outdoor enthusiasts, with rock climbing, hiking, and cycling being on the top of a lot of local’s to-do lists.


Here are all the real places that inspired my telling of their tale…


If you read the book, you’ll remember the Band on the Bricks Festival, where Harper ends up acting as a photographer for her best friend, Megan, who is down with a nasty stomach bug. That is a real festival held each year downtown, with the beer tents and concerts featured in the story.



That’s it for now!

Be good! And if you can’t be good, have fun!


Coming soon—we’re off to Brazil to catch up with Trey and Alessandra from Breaking Hearts

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