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Take a Tour of the REAL Romantic Locations of Break in Two

Dear Lovely Reader,

Autumn is upon us, which, for many of us, brings with it thoughts of cozy fires, mugs of tea and settling in with a good book. I hope you’ll have time to read something wonderful soon.

This past week, I received an email from a fan from the Czech Republic who was so taken with the Black Canyon Ranch in Break in Two, that she and her fella are planning a trip to Colorado next year. She was writing to find out if the ranch was a real place.

As I was answering her, it occurred to me that perhaps a few others may be interested to know that many of the places in my books are real.

So here is a list of the real places in Break in Two:

Black Canyon Ranch is based on a gorgeous place called Vista Verde. Although I’ve never been there, I found photos of it online and fell in love with it. It is not located just outside Colorado Springs, however. It is closer to a place called Steamboat Springs, which is farther north in the Rockies. Someday I want to go there myself with my husband for a romantic getaway. It looks wonderful. During my research for the book, I had a long conversation with the very kind manager at Vista Verde, who gave me a lot of very valuable information about the cattle ranching/guest ranch business.

They have a most beautiful lodge and restaurant there, which is where Claire found herself spending her days.

Check out Vista Verde.

The hotel restaurant in which Claire and Cole had their romantic dinner was set at The Penrose Room at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs. I even used their menu at the time for that scene, as well.

A bit of trivia for you— best-selling romance author Kelly Collins actually got engaged in that restaurant! I didn’t know that when I wrote the book, but after she read it, she told me about her romantic moment in The Penrose Room.

The Dive is a real burger joint in Colorado Springs. It’s mentioned in Break in Two, as well as in Don’t Let Go. There is also an actual Starbucks located where I wrote the scene where Claire has her big showdown with Antonio.

In London, England, Claire has an “almost date” with Luc at a seafood restaurant at the famous Savoy hotel. The restaurant exists. It is called Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill. I called up a manager to find out what one would see if they sat at the table with the best view because, of course, Luc would get a table with the best view. You would actually see the London Eye from that spot.

The neighbourhood in which Janet and Ted live is real, as is Richmond Park, where Claire meets up with Luc while out for a jog.

The hotel where Claire and Cole stayed when he came to London to get her is also real, except it is called The Bingham Hotel, and I called it the Bingham Inn. If you have a look at the website, you will find that the rooms are very much has I’ve described them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of Break in Two as much as I’ve enjoyed reliving the fun of researching for that novel. Stay tuned for a tour of Breaking Love, coming soon!

All the best to you and yours,


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