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The 6th Annual Holly Jolly Chit Lit Hop is NOW on!

It is time for the Chick Lit Holiday Hop! The ladies over at Chick Lit Hop have put together an ab fab bunch of holiday fun and prizes!


A $50 Amazon Gift Card!


1) Sign up for my newsletter.

2) Pop over to my Author Page and comment 'Done' on the post that matches this one.

And don’t forget to hop over to the Chick Lit Hop page:

There you will find a list of all the authors participating in the hop and you can enter to win our Jingle Jackpot Grand Prize (a whole sleigh full of fun and fabulous gifts) or one of FOUR Winter Wellness Prize Packs throughout the hop! And trust me, these are AH-MAZ-ING prizes!

And if you're on the hunt for new chick lit books to read, check out these authors:

Monday, December 6th

Tracie Banister (Host)

Laurie Baxter

Gigi Blume

Bethany Crandell

Cyndi Faria

Brittany Larsen

Julie Anne Lindsey

Kate O’Keeffe

Terri Reed

Stephanie J. Scott

Magan Vernon

Tuesday, December 7th

Traci Andrighetti

Stella Bixby (aka Crystal Ferry – Host)

Lainee Cole

Whitney Dineen

Christy Hayes

Jenny Kales

Abbey MacMunn

Robyn Neeley

Cassandra O’Leary

Jean Oram

Jessica Anne Renwick

Wednesday, December 8th

Rose Amberly

Jessica Calla

Melissa Baldwin

Susan Hatler

Teddy Cat Hester

Carla Luna

Tami Lund

Diane Michaels (Host)

Brynn North

Kathy Strobos

Sarah Vance-Tompkins

Thursday, December 9th

Lauren Alsten

Kathryn R. Biel

Christina Boyd

Remi Carrington

Rachael Eliker

Laura Kenyon

Ciara Knight (Host)

Marie Landry

Laura Lucas

Jacquelyn Middleton

Carrie Pulkinen

Friday, December 10th

Maggie Aldrich

EmKay Connor

Lynn Crandall

Meg Easton

Sarah Fox

Melanie Jacobson

Holly Kerr

Corinne O’Flynn

Natalina Reis

Debra Sennefelder (Host)

Saturday, December 11th

Karen M. Cox

Melinda Curtis

Cindy Dorminy

Shanna Hatfield

Jody Holford

Melonie Johnson (Host)

Sarah Peis

Susan Sands

Kelly Siskind

Janet Raye Stevens

Heather Thurmeier

Sunday, December 12th

Tracy Broemmer

Franky A. Brown

Lizzie Chantree

Jessica L. Elliott

Ellie Hall

Anne Harper

Makenna Holiday (aka Kathy Jeffords – Host)

Eve London

Janice Lynn

Lisa Manifold

Jenny Proctor

Monday, December 13th

Rachel A. Andersen

Kris Clink

Dylann Crush

Casey Dembowski

Sarah-Jane Fraser

Jenny Gardiner

Hilary Grossman

Laura Heffernan (Host)

Beth Labonte

Jennie Marts

Teri Wilson

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