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Resting Beach Face is NOW Available

Hello, my friends!

I hope you and yours are healthy, safe, and happy.

After a LOOONNNGGGG's time to return to beautiful Paradise Bay where romance is always in the tropical air.

Resting Beach Face came out today and I'm thrilled to share it with you (especially for the launch week price of $2.99).

In true Paradise Bay fashion, there are maps and this time...we get a peek at some notes passed back and forth between the characters twelve years before the story begins. How fun is that?

A Little About Hadley and Heath's Story...

Yoga instructor, Hadley Jones, has loved Chase Williams since high school. Fifteen years later, she still does. And while he hasn’t popped the question yet, she knows it’s only a matter of time. Little does Hadley know Chase has been busy making wedding plans—just not with her.

Heath Robinson left the Santa Valentina Islands the first chance he got. He’s about to pull together the biggest aeronautical merger in history when he gets a call that has him boarding a plane home. Now, instead of sipping whiskey sours with the big boys, he’ll be watching his bed-ridden mother sip from a juice box. His plan is to help her recover from her moped accident as quickly as possible so he can get back to his real life—hopefully before he runs into the girl who crushed his heart, Hadley Jones.

Will Hadley realize that Heath is the real man of her dreams? Will Heath forgive Hadley? Will his mum ever ride a moped again?

I'm giving away a paperback copy over on, so click on the picture to the left to enter. :)

(The giveaway ends Oct 16th, 2021)

And in Other News...

We moved. Like 3 weeks ago. To Vancouver Island, which is on the West Coast of Canada (for those who aren't familiar with the area).

But Melanie, you just finished a year-long renovation. Why would you move right after?

I know. Weird, right? The truth is we've always wanted to move to the coast. Every year, I find the Alberta winter a little harder to take and find myself enjoying it less and less. Seven months is a LONG winter, especially when you're grumpy about it.

I think our decision had a lot to do with the pandemic too. We've been cooped up together for nearly 20 months and needed to break out of our comfort zone. Challenge ourselves. Try something new and crazy and wonderful. Because the kids had been home from school since March of 2020, they didn't have any sports/activities/school friendships that were holding them there. They were on board, so we went for it.

Okay, that's it for me. I'll be back VERY soon with an exciting announcement. (Here's a hint: Whitney Dineen and I are putting out Book 5 of our Accidentally in Love Series on September 25th. It's a heartwarming Christmas story called Mistle Text. But that's all I'm saying).

Take care, stay safe, and happy reading, my friends!


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