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My Heartfelt Thanks to YOU

Here in Canada, we're about to celebrate Thanksgiving. Before I get started cooking turkey (and all the trimmings) and buying a pumpkin pie (because I do not bake), I wanted to take a moment to thank you, my dear reader, for being the reason I get up and write (or plot or edit) every day. If you didn't pick up my books and read them, I would not be able to support my family through my writing. So, thank you for helping me live my dream. It means the world to me.

Two weeks ago, I released Pride and Pina Coladas, and I'm thrilled to say it's been hanging out as the #1 New Release in Women, Men, and Relationship Humor on Amazon (which is a category that Nora and Theo's story fits into beautifully).

So, thank you to everyone who has read the book and told all your friends to read it too! You're the bee's knees!



And if you haven't had a chance to read Pride and Pina Coladas, check it out here. It's still available for the launch price of $3.99 but will be going up next week. (Oooh, scary Mel...)

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