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Even Better Than the Real Thing

I'm THRILLED to bring you Even Better Than the Real Thing.

It's my first stand-alone book in a LONG time, and I have to say, I'm in love with this one.

It's about a young American woman (Finley) who hails from Georgia and has moved all the way to London, England to pursue a career in art history.

She's working her way through school at a private equity firm owned by Hayden Stuart, who was born with a gold-plated spoon in his mouth. (His poor mother).

Without giving anything away, one thing leads to another, and these two wind up in a fake marriage that starts to feel all too real...


FAIR WARNING: This book has a couple of open-door sex scenes, but I promise they are NOT graphic at all or long. I've kept the focus on the emotion, not the motion. But if that bothers you, feel free to skip this one! I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Otherwise, happy reading!




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