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Book Release News: Pride and Pina Coladas is out NOW

Hello my friends!

I'm SO excited to announce the launch of Pride and Pina Coladas, Paradise Bay Book 5! It's a modern-day retelling of Pride and Prejudice and, if I do say so myself, it is SO. MUCH. FUN.

The banter, the delicious sexual tension, the scandalous events that could ruin our heroine's family forever...

Oh, boy, I can't wait for you to read it. The early reviews are coming in, and they are terrific so far:

“The writing is witty and delightful…Ms. Summers’s Caribbean spin on the Austen tale is so enjoyable and enchanting. 5 stars for this guilty pleasure!” ~ Linda, Goodreads Reviewer

“The spot-on comedic responses. The relationship. The drama. The storyline. The titles. The news reports. I LOVED everything about this book and will recommend it all day long!!! Nora and Theo are the perfect pair... they are hilarious and the cast of characters around them are as well. I have pictures of each in my mind and began to think about The White Lotus cast when I read. They were so believable. I have read many billionaire stories but loved that being rich wasn't the focus as much as a person’s character.” ~ Norie Rodriguez, Goodreads Review

You can buy it now or read it free on Kindle Unlimited HERE, OR if you'd like to check out the first chapter, click here!

No matter what you do, I hope you have an amazing weekend!



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