The Crown Jewels Series

available in e-book, paperback, and audio!
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The Royal Treatment

One devilishly handsome, arrogant prince. 

One beautiful anti-royal blogger.

Two months under the same roof.


What could possibly go right?

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The Royal Wedding

One overbearing mother-of-the-bride. One king who will stop at nothing to see that the wedding never happens. One very accomplished lady-in-waiting who’s desperate to get her hands on the prince’s crown jewels. And one feisty bride who’s determined not to let anyone stand in her way of making it down the aisle to find her Prince Charming waiting…

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The Royal Delivery

One very pregnant princess determined to finally win over the people (while at the same time becoming the perfect mom). One prince who wants nothing more than to protect his wife from her nasty critics (not to mention her horrible family). Two irritating in-laws who move into the palace due to a house fire.  Enough tension to make the Dalia Lama snap. 

The Crown Jewels Box Set

All three novels plus a bonus

Royal Engagement Short story!

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