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The Suite Life


A seriously romantic, laugh-out-loud tale of a single mum and the man who restores her faith in love…

Handsome, rich, and charming, Leopold Davenport has always been the life of the party. But when he takes things too far, his father banishes the twenty-seven-year-old from his homeland of Avonia for six months. Threatened with disinheritance, Leo must find a job, rent a home, and grow up. With nowhere to turn, Leo moves to Santa Valentina Island, where his sister-in-law helps him find work as a bellboy at the Paradise Bay Resort. Little does he know that dealing with people’s baggage will make him examine his own. Will he check out or find that a long-term reservation is on his itinerary?

Suddenly finding herself in dire straits, she converts her garden shed into a rental suite in hopes of climbing out of the financial hole she’s in.

But when the only person interested in renting the suite turns out to be to Leopold Davenport, the ridiculously good-looking co-worker she loves to hate, she knows she must choose between being happy and being broke. But as she gets to know him, she discovers there may be more to him than flirty smiles and empty charm.

Can Leopold make the leap from ultimate playboy to become the man Bree needs in her life?
Will Bree allow herself to believe in happily-ever-afters or will she play it safe and hang a do-not-disturb sign on her heart?

what readers are saying...

“Absolutely perfect! A must read! This book gives you all the feels, hilariously funny, the
steam is perfect, the characters are to fall in love with, the highs and lows and all the in
betweens. I could not put it down! I love this series and all the characters who live in Paradise
Bay. Take a mind vacation and travel to Paradise Bay with Melanie as your hostess! Enjoy your
stay!” ~ Lori Zenobia, Goodreads Review


“Melanie handled the development of Leo and Bree’s story deftly, with humor, snappy dialog and awkward situations, in other words, real life. Add Bree’s daughter, a delightfully precocious 4-year old and her Aunt, a 71-year old eccentric spinster (whom I’ve nicknamed the“Baconator”) and you have laugh out loud moments. Treat yourself to an enjoyable read."

~JazzyCarol, Amazon Review

And when you reach 'the end,' it'll be time to get Royally Crushed...

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