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Royally Crushed

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Royal 1 phone.png

A wildly funny, ridiculously romantic spinoff of both The Crown Jewels Series and the Paradise Bay Series…

Princess Arabella of Avonia is bored out of her ever-loving mind. No twenty-eight-year-old wants to live an endless loop of high teas, state dinners, and the same five conversations. They want freedom and adventure. After a wild night out in Ibiza ends in disaster, the royal handlers have shortened her leash considerably. Desperate for an out, she sneakily signs up to co-host a new nature docu-series, starring Will Banks, the man

dubbed McHotty of the Wilderness.

Will has ladies all over the globe lining up to meet him until a hot, new adventurer comes on the scene, and his ratings take a nose-dive. Producers decide an emergency change in format is in order.

Enter Princess Arabella. The pampered and proper royal is the perfect foil to Will’s rugged outdoorsman.


It’s hate at first sight, but their on-screen loathing makes for great television. Surprisingly, when the cameras stop rolling, these two finally see each other’s good sides. Can these opposites find their forever in each other’s arms, or will their differences be their undoing?

what readers are saying...


Another hilarious, feel-good tale from one of my favorite rom com authors. Royally Crushed is the
perfect royal escape! - bestselling author, Kate 

A princess, a tough guy, and a hilarious romp through the jungle are the perfect distraction during
troubling times. Just the right amount of sexy, snarky banter made Royally Crushed one of my favorite
reads this year! ~ Delancey Stewart, Bestselling Author of the Mr. Match Series

“This book is the PERFECT take-me-away-feel-good escape we ALL need right now! There’s delicious
romance, heart-racing adventure, tabloid journalism, and of course, royal parents. What could possibly
go wrong? Spoiler: Nothing! It’s all so very right! I didn’t want it to end!”

~ Whitney Dineen, Bestselling Author of the Creek Water Series

Absolutely adorable from beginning to end! Please, please, please let there be a sequel”
~ Virginia Gray, Bestselling Author of Suddenly Susan

“Summers does it again in this laugh-out-loud and swoon-worthy page-turner of opposites attract. Do
NOT miss out this one.”
~ Nevia B, Melanie’s mom

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