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Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card (That’ll Buy a LOT of Books!)

I hope September has treated you well! We had one day of SNOW already here in Edmonton, but luckily it melted right away and now we’re back to nice, crisp autumn weather.

Anywhoo, you’re probably wondering about the Gift Card, yes? In that case, I shall tell you about it. I’m on a mission to make a million people laugh by the end of 2017 because the world is FAR too serious. This is where you come in…

It’s really easy. Click Here, which will take you to my Facebook page. You’ll see the same image pinned to the top of my FB page. Comment, like, and most importantly, share it. That’s it! You’ll be entered to win.

(And please don’t feel shy about recommending the books to your friends – they have almost 400 reviews so far and almost ALL of them are 5-star!)

1st Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Prize: Signed Copies of The Royal Treatment & The Royal Wedding! 

Contest Closes October 20.

Happy reading, my friends!



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