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Real Locations in Breaking Love

Dear Lovely Reader,

I hope this finds you well and keeping warm wherever you are. It is a chilly – 20 degrees Celsius here today (or -4 F), and it’s supposed to get colder from here. No wonder I’ve been finding myself looking up vacation rentals in Maui…

Anyway, last month, I promised you a tour of all of the real locations in Breaking Love, and here it is.

Luc Chevalier had a rather large …. ahem… budget, and he used it to take Megan out on some pretty spectacular dates.


Then sunset on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Followed by a private dinner cruise on the Seine. Happy sigh…



Or when he whisked her off in a private jet to San Francisco to go to the opera…



Isn’t it lovely? I can just picture Megan in it, walking up the steps of the opera house with Luc at her side.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little tour of Breaking Love!

All the best to you and yours,


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