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Hearts & Flowers Hop!

CLC Valentines 2019 Hop

Hello, my friends!

I hope this finds you well. We’ve been in a DEEP FREEZE here in Edmonton for over two weeks. Like we’re talking -30 C (or – 22 F for my American friends) as a HIGH, which is not high at all really…

Needless to say, we’ve all got cabin fever, including the puppies, Lucy and Nelson. Well, Lucy, not so much. Here she is chillaxing in her favourite chair. Nelson, however, has been waking the kids up to play fetch late at night. That’s the difference between a seven-year-old and a nine-month-old dog.


I wanted to say thank you to everyone for the outpouring of support about my dad. I will be replying to all of the emails personally, but need to get Whisked Away off to the editor first. In the meantime, thank you for your support. It means the world to me.


The Authors over at the Chick Lit Chat HQ are having a Hearts and Flowers Hop! Head over there for your chance to win our Grand Prize – a sterling silver Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant from Tiffany’s (eek!!) or one of the three lovely Runner-Up Prizes – Fun Size Burlap Wrapped Bouquets from Farmgirl Flowers (gorgeous!).


The winner will be chosen on Feb 17th so make sure you hop on over before then!


Okay, that’s it for me today. Stay tuned because I have some super exciting stuff coming your way very soon…



CHECK OUT ALL THE AUTHORS PARTICIPATING IN THE HOP HERE (AND ENTER TO WIN THEIR INDIVIDUAL PRIZES…Mmkay?) Tracie Banister (Admin/Host) Laura Chapman Lindsay Detwiler Rachael Eliker Liberty Kontranowski Beth Labonte Nikki LeClair Kate O’Keeffe Joslyn Westbrook

Kristina Beck Annabelle Costa Karen M. Cox Hilary Grossman (Admin/Host) Erin Huss Kate Kisset Natalina Reis Pauline Wiles

Melissa Baldwin (Admin/Host) Angie Ellington Marianne Hansen Monique McDonell June Moonbridge Meredith Schorr D.L. Stewart Stacey Wiedower

Rich Amooi Glynis Astie (Admin/Host) Kathryn R. Biel Victoria Grant Jennie Marts Diane Michaels Susannah Nix Barbara Valentin

Beth Carter Whitney Dineen Kimberly Frost Virginia Gray Holly Kerr Becky Monson (Admin/Host) Melanie Summers Janice Williams

Maggie Aldrich Christina Boyd Jayne Denker (Admin/Host) Jenny Gardiner Susan Hatler Cat Lavoie Cassandra O’Leary Avril Tremayne

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