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I Used to be Fun

The Honeymooner Ipad pic.png

An insightful and hilarious book for any woman questioning why her life hasn't turned out as expected...

Jessica Holloway is miserable. As mom to two ungrateful, almost-grown children and wife to one appreciative-but-needy husband, she has all-but-abandoned the extraordinary—and extraordinarily fun—woman she used to be. 

She may be smiling while she volunteers at the school's dog wash fundraiser, but inside, she's seething. Having traded her future as a high-powered attorney for motherhood nearly two decades ago, she's now desperate to reconnect with the woman she once was. 

Pushed to her breaking point, Jessica is secretly terrified at what she might do. 

Go on strike permanently?

Take the dog and run away to Mexico?

Tell her mother-in-law what she really thinks of her?

Whatever it is, it's going to be a disaster. Because this time, Jessica will stop at nothing to get her power back - no matter the cost.

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