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The collaboration you didn't know you needed - USA Today Bestselling Author Whitney Dineen & Melanie Summers bring you two fabulously fun series...

The Accidentally in Love Stories

Ahh...New York, The Big Apple, the Center of the Universe

Just the place for modern love...

Text Me on Tuesday

All is fair in love and texting…

One caterer looking for her break in the Big Apple. One stressed-out architect with no time for love. It’s hate at first sight, but when a mix-up finds them unknowingly texting each other, an undeniable connection forms and they both start to wonder if romance might be on the menu…

The Text God

One starving artist desperate for her big break.

One attorney who’s forgotten how to enjoy life. When a mix-up has these two texting each other, they just might discover they’re the answer to each other’s dreams.

Text and you shall receive…

Text Wars

What do you get when you put an astrologer and an astrophysicist together on a national talk show? Explosive chemistry. 

It's hate at first sight. Or is it?

May the text be with you…

Text in Show

Join the Manhattan Elite (read bored, rich housewives) as they compete with their beloved pooches for Best in Show.


Who will win is anybody's guess, but what's sure is that they'll drive event planner Autumn Jones and veterinarian Jack Campbell crazy in the process. 

It's a dog text dog world ...

Mistle Text


Twas the text before Christmas…

When Holly Snow needs a Christmas miracle, she doesn't expect it to come in the form of tall, dark and Scroogy, investment banker Archibald Harrington. 

But she needs cash and he needs a fake girlfriend in time for the holidays. Will they find themselves under the mistletoe together or will they miss their chance for love?

Text and Confused

It's hate at first text. Or is it?

When Toni Capella strikes up a texting relationship with the wrong man, she has no idea how very right he is for her. 

The Gamble on Love Mom Com Series

Ahh... Alaska, home of snow-capped mountains, fresh air, and plenty of grizzly bears. 

Just the place for a single mom to find love...


When movie star Harper Kennedy's husband has a very public affair, she takes her two children and hides out in Gamble, Alaska.

The last thing she expects is to find love...

A Hate Like This

Entertainment lawyer Ethan Caplan has had enough of Hollywood. He escapes to Gamble for six-months to write a novel, hoping this will be the start of a new life. The last thing he expects is that his new life will include single mom and diner-owner Moira Bishop, and her three rowdy boys...


Christmas is a time for hate. 

Salon owner Maisy Moore has kept the identity of her son's father a closely-guarded secret. The last thing she needs is for everyone in town to know that Gamble's hero (and NHL star) Chase Evans is the one-night stand who left her with more than a broken heart.

But when he sweeps into town just in time for Christmas, things suddenly get a lot more complicated...

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