Text and Confused - An Accidentally in Love Story, Book 6

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It’s hate at first text. Or is it...?

Toni Capella always falls for the wrong guy—tattoos, muscles on top of muscles, and an inability to hold down a decent job. Since her last relationship went up in smoke, Toni’s vowed to only date men who wear suits to work. Expensive ones.

When her boss hires contractor Cooper Flint, Toni immediately strikes him off her list of potential love interests. Cooper embodies every bad boy trait there is. Besides, her eye is on Milton Rinks. Nice, sweet, and totally boring. Milton is not her regular which is why he’s perfect.Toni insists she and Milton keep their budding relationship separate from work. She even suggests they do their initial courting via text, hoping that romantic interest will follow once she gets to know him better.

There’s one problem. She starts to accidentally text Cooper, not Milton.

Cooper can’t figure out why Toni is so terrific via text and such a shrew in person. It’s one thing to keep her private and professional life separate, but she’s not even nice to him when she sees him in person.


Will Toni discover she’s falling for the wrong guy? Will she see past her misconceptions and give Cooper a chance? Will Cooper forgive Toni for throwing her drink in his face on the Harry Potter Cosplay Dinner Cruise (Crazy, right?)? Is this really the last book in the texting series?

Find out in the deliciously funny Text and Confused…

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